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FNR Asset Management Inc. (FNRM) is an oil and gas investment and resource development company based in Saskatchewan. FNRM, and its products, FNR Energy Limited Partnerships, offer investors a ground floor opportunity to invest in oil and gas drilling in Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

Saskatchewan Oil and Gas

Saskatchewan has a strong investment climate and high potential for oil and gas development. Technology and new formations are increasing production in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, particularly in heavy oil. Some of these formations include the Bakken, Viking, Spearfish, Williston Basin, Tableland Mississipan, Lower Shaunavon, and Oil Sands formations.

FNR Energy Limited Partnerships

FNR Energy Limited Partnerships, through the ownership of working interests and/or royalties on the production of oil and gas, have been established to provide investors with:

  • Direct ownership in oil and gas assets in Saskatchewan and Western Canada
  • Income
  • Capital appreciation
  • Liquidity
  • 100% tax effective, diversified investment opportunities

Current Offering

FNR Energy III Limited Partnership, the most recent offering from FNR Asset Management, closed on June 6, 2012 at $7.2 Million.There are no current offerings at this time. 


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